Sledding & Skating

We got a boatload of snow over the last couple of days, the first in almost a month, so we headed outside to enjoy it. We took the sleds and our skates to the local park and had a great time. Melanie got to use her new sled (the one that Santa brought) for the first time, and Fergus got to romp around in the snow too. Andrew also got his first taste of sledding... and gave it some pretty mixed reviews.Melanie has recently become quite the skater. She's pushing off by herself, gliding, and even getting up all by herself after falling.All in all it … Continue Reading ››

Melanie’s Secret Hiding Place

We rearranged the furniture in the living room so that we can "lock" Andrew in while he's down on the ground playing. As a result there is a little corner of unused space where the couches meet and Melanie has taken to hanging out there. A lot. She put pillows down on the ground, gathered a few of her toys there, and she calls it her Secret Hiding Place. Maybe it's not so secret, but she likes it and we generally leave her alone while she's in there, so I guess it's a good thing!

Lake Louise

Louise's sister and parents were visiting us over Christmas and we rented some cross country skis for the duration of their visit. We had some really nice ski days locally and in the mountains... One day we had nothing else planned so we all piled into the van and took a drive out to Lake Louise. There is a very nice set track that goes from one end of the lake to the other, on the lake, and it was a lot of fun to cruise across the lake. The trail was quite crowded with many other skiiers, walkers, and snow-shoers. There are actually … Continue Reading ››

S A N T A is his Name O

We were invited to the Christmas convert at Melanie's preschool. As you can imagine, they sang all the greatest Christmas hits.Here's a little number called S A N T A![kml_flashembed movie="/2007/12/2007-12-19_Preschool_Christmas_Concert/S_A_N_T_A.swf" height="280" width="320" fversion="9" useexpressinstall="true" loop="false" play="false" menu="true"/]