Valentines Day

Okay, so sometimes I feel like the meanest mom in the world. Valentine`s was one of those days. First thing in the morning, Melanie asked me to close my eyes and she `surprised` me with a lovely hand made valentine. I thanked her for the lovely card. That`s when she innocently looked up at me and asked if I had anything for her for Valentine`s. It was still early and I guess I wasn`t thinking because I just said `no`. Well, poor Melanie was devastated and ran to her room to cry. It broke my heart! I quickly ran to her craft … Continue Reading ››

Hiking Johnson Canyon

We went out for a winter walk at Johnson Canyon in Banff National Park. Louise carried Andrew while I took pictures and held Melanie’s hand. The walls are quite steep and the trail was rather slippery, so some family members were a wee bit uncomfortable with the situation, but we all made it safely and had lots of fun.It was very cold (around -20 C) but the canyon walls protected us from the wind so it really didn’t seem that bad…