Preschool Graduation

Melanie was very proud to be Graduating from Happy Days Preschool and we of course had to attend the ceremony to watch and record it for posterity.We were treated to a fine display of the musical talents of the entire class. Here is their rendition of "Mister Sun":
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Each song was introduced by a different member of the class. While only a few of the children got to stand up to introduce something, Melanie very emphatically waved her arm up and down every time the teacher asked for a volunteer. … Continue Reading ››


I'm sure I've shared video of tickling before, but we have two kids that seriously love being tickled, so it happens a lot around our house. Basically every time I'm lying on the floor (which is every day) or if we're on the couch, one of the kids will come over and give a little look as if to say "please", and the tickling begins. Here's some video of Melanie getting a serious tickling from her Mom, and Andrew tries to get in on the action too!
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Your pants fell down!

Andrew has always had a skinny butt. Since he started walking this has lead to many saggy pant episodes. Here's a video from one event early on in his walking career...
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