The Best of Friends

Ferg, The Ferg, Bud, Buddy. Fergus McDuff. Fergus.Good natured, extremely quirky, and always fun to have around. He was a huge part of our family. Melanie grew up with him and he looked after her. Andrew loved him too and I'm sad that they barely got to know each other. He was one of the best friends I've ever had and saying goodbye was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do.I know you're in a better place now Ferg. I hope you have all the treats you ever want, and that … Continue Reading ››

Playing with Lego

After my niece Danielle arrived she almost immediately became Andrews new best friend and she got wrapped into all the playing that was going on. It still shocks me to realize that she's an adult now, and that really didn't seem to bother the kids because she was great fun to play with. One thing about Danielle is that she has always loved playing with Lego and it didn't take long after she arrived before all of the Lego was spread out and everyone was building stuff. Andrew was in heaven!

Family Morning

Although there really is no such thing as sleeping in when the family all converges on my parents house, sometimes we take our time about getting up and going. This was one of those days and it was pretty relaxing morning with lots of family around. The kids played a lot and Andrew hammed it up for everyone. Once we did get going we took another walk down the road to see the horses. Andrew was still excited about the previous visit and he practically ran to the door to get his shoes on when he heard that we were going to see them again![gallery link="file" … Continue Reading ››

Horses in the Corral

There are quite a few farms with horses in corrals near my parents house, including a couple that are just a few houses down. The kids all got very excited when I suggested that we go for a walk to see the horses! We've walked down to see them a few times before and they are usually pretty aloof. Not this time though. One horse in particular was very friendly and allowed everyone to pet him. Andrew and Melanie both got face to face with him and he even tried to taste Melanie's coat!