Crazy Kids and Tire Swings

It was a beautiful evening here and since we got dinner finished early, we all went for a walk to a local school to play on the playground. Kids will be kids and both Melanie and Andrew love to be kids. They run and jump and scream when we go to the playground, and a game of tag almost always breaks out. Andrew is even starting to get in on the games and tonight he was daring me to chase him down. He even jumped onto the slide to get away from me once. That's Melanie's favorite tactic and she usually turns right back around to … Continue Reading ››

Monkeying around at the Calgary Zoo

I've showed many pictures in the past of our trips to the zoo. I actually have a great many more pictures than I've actually shown here because we go so often, but I don't post images from every trip because they often tend to look alike. But now that Andrew is growing up, it's starting to be a different adventure every time we go. Here are a few from the weekend near the Spider Monkey exhibit. Melanie started to hang on the railing like a monkey and Andrew had to get in on it too!

Swimming Lessons

Melanie has been making some huge improvements in her swimming over the last couple of sets of lessons. The pictures don't really show that though since she had a lifejacket on for this entire lesson, but she is really getting comfortable in the water! Andrew is also very comfortable playing and being a ham at the pool while Melanie has her lesson...(click on the pictures to see them larger)