Images from the Zoo

I'm desperately trying to get caught up on editing all of my photos from the past few months before our upcoming vacation. I have quite a few albums that I set aside because something more exciting came along in the mean time, and never managed to get back to them. I'm trying to pick them off one at a time and deal with them so that it doesnt' get out of hand. Unfortunately it's simply not going to happen before we hit the happy trails...Here are a few pics from a trip to the zoo back in March. The highlight of this trip was seeing the … Continue Reading ››

Fathers Day Picnic

I had a fantastic Father's day, starting with breakfast in bed (and boy was I "surprised" by that!!). Melanie got Andrew out of his crib and they "quietly" waited in the hall for Mommy to sneak out to help them make breakfast while I "slept-in". Although the execution wasn't perfect, Melanie was very proud of herself and I got a wonderful breakfast (including a great cup of hot coffee), and I didn't have to make it!! They even came bearing gifts, including two massive Super Soaker water guns and a new Nalgene bottle to replace the one I recently lost.After breakfast we all went to the pool … Continue Reading ››

Melanie’s Last Swimming Lesson

Melanie had her last swimming lesson of the current set today. Although she really enjoys her lessons, and always looks forward to going, this recent set of lessons was extremely disappointing. She had made amazing progress in the previous session and we were really hoping to see the gains continue. Unfortunately her instructor in this set was not very good and they spent most of 6 lessons (out of 8 total) wearing lifejackets and not really learning very much. In fact while watching the lesson today Louise and I were both on our feet and getting ready to run onto the deck as Melanie was floundering … Continue Reading ››

Andrew’s Second Birthday

Here's another one from the files. There were so many images in this album that it was pretty daunting task to process them. So there they sat. Sorry about that... But they're here now, so I guess I'm not such a bad person.Anyway, Andrew is all boy. He loves cars, trucks, planes, bikes, tractors, hockey (he sat spellbound watching Sid the Kid and the rest of the Pens win Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final tonight!), and all the other things that boys like. Especially trains. We really didn't teach him this, he just figured it out all by himself. So … Continue Reading ››


I was going through some older photos that I haven't processed yet and I found this album from Melanie's last night of Sparks. There are a few shots of Melanie and her friends "flying up" (either to Brownies or to their next year of Sparks in Melanie's case), and one of Andrew goofing off while the event unfolds...