Skiing at Big White

I know I said I wouldn't do any more skiing videos anytime soon, but this was a special case. We were in Kelowna (on our way to the Olympics) and had a free day so we took the kids to Big White for a day of skiing. Andrew only skied a few runs on the magic carpet before going to kids camp, but Melanie skied with us all day, She has been on a major learning curve this year and is cruising pretty fast now. And as you can see toward the end of this video, she's also an all mountain skier too. This is … Continue Reading ››

Gymnastics at Altadore

Melanie and Andrew started a new session of Gymnastics at Altadore and they are both Loving It! Andrew is an absolutely monkey, and although he's very small, he's also very strong. He was built to be a gymnast and he has been doing somersaults in the living room almost every day since they started going to gymnastics. Melanie also loves it and she has been trying to complete a cartwheel. Here are some images from one of their gymnastics classes, and also a couple of videos from their antics in the living room!