Andrew’s Third Birthday Party

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday to help us celebrate Andrew's Third Birthday (coming up on April 27th). It was a small party but we also had Grandma and Opa Knobel staying with us. Andrew decided a long time ago that he wanted a Spiderman party which of course required a Spiderman Cake, which Louise made herself. The cake required liberal application of some very colorful icing (and matching language). It was a great cake but Andrew never really understood that it was a representation of Spiderman. Oh well, much fun was had by all!

Jack Seaton Park

When we visit Grandma and Grandpa Phillips in Winfield we usually make several trips down the road to play at the playground at Jack Seaton Park. It was a special trip this time as we met up with some friends from Calgary who were also visiting relatives in Winfield over Easter. We had talked about doing this before but it never really worked out. The kids had tons of fun and got to blow off a lot of steam at the playground. Particularly interesting for Melanie was the hopscotch game, and Andrew found several sticks that alternated between being drumsticks and an assortment of "bad guy" … Continue Reading ››