A winter walk at Carburn Park

We had another beautiful day in Calgary, and those have been very few and far between lately. What a year! It was a nasty summer, followed by a beautiful fall. But the winter has started out very cold and very snowy! So we've really been concentrating on taking advantage of the nice days when we get them. On this day we went for a walk through the winter wonderland at Carburn Park. There was a light coating of fresh fluffy snow all over everything yet it was also crisp and sunny out. The deer and chickadees came out to visit and we had a really nice walk![gallery link="file" … Continue Reading ››

Parents Day at Gymnastics

This set is from way back in the archives... I have a few galleries of images that I never got around to processing. I'm trying to clean those up now, so there may be a few more posts like this in coming days and weeks.Melanie and Andrew both had gymnastics classes on weekends last winter. These images are from parents day, which is the one day in each session that parents are actually allowed out on the floor to watch their kids. Of course I occasionally went out at other times anyway, but these images are legal!