Christmas, Part Deux

We had a quite a pile of presents (from our western family members) still waiting to be opened when we arrived home after our trip to Ontario. It was like Christmas morning all over again and so of course the kids were very excited to dig in! Thanks again to everyone for everything we all received...Andrew was particularly happy with all the Toy Story toys that he got this year, especially with the Bucket O Soldiers.

Carolyn & Mike – December 18, 2010

This is a slideshow of candid images of the friends and family members at the wedding of Louise's sister Carolyn and Mike McCaugherty. Congratulations Carolyn and welcome to the family Mike!The wedding was hosted at Strathmere, south of Ottawa. Strathmere is a beautiful old farm property with several amazing stone buildings. It was a wonderful place to hold a party and everyone had lots of fun! Andrew and Melanie were dancing machines and showed off some really great moves.Note - Thanks go out to Kim Leroy for sharing a few of her images … Continue Reading ››

Christmas with the Knobels

We were in Ontario for Carolyn and Mike's wedding last week and so we stayed for Christmas as well. We've had a great visit with the Knobel Family at Rob & Cyndi's house in Kingston. Lots of food, drink, and fun has been had by all. Santa Clause even managed to find us in Kingston and the kids had a great time opening all their presents this morning!Thanks to everyone in the Knobel family for making our trip easy and enjoyable. And a very Merry Christmas to all our other family and … Continue Reading ››

Museum of Civilization

While visiting Ottawa for the Holidays we spent a day at the Museum of Civilization and the Canadian Children's Museum in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec. The entire place, and the Children's Museum in particular, is amazing and there is great stuff for people of all ages to see and enjoy! Melanie had been to the Children's museum before with Louise (and Grandma and Opa) and had some memories that she wanted to relive (the camel and the cargo boat), but Andrew had never been before. The place is perfectly suited for somebody his age and he had an absolute blast in every part. Melanie enjoyed it too, but it was definitely … Continue Reading ››