Melanie’s U10 Soccer Game

Melanie is playing soccer again this summer and it seems that she has turned into a bit of a powerhouse. She has scored goals in almost every game and has even had several games with multiple goals. Whenever she is on the field she is heavily involved in the play and she attacks the ball every time. It has been very fun to watch and she is loving it...

Boys Camping Weekend in Banff

Boys weekend. The girls went to Guide camp in Banff so Andrew and I were on our own. It was the first time that we've gone camping with just the two of us, and it was Pepper's first camping trip too. We actually ended up in the same campground as the girls, but Andrew didn't know it and we never saw them. There are really very few choices in the mountain parks for campgrounds that are open so early in the year. It was fine though and we treated it as a tourist weekend.We saw the sunset at Vermillion lakes on Friday night and then had an epic day on … Continue Reading ››