Snowshoeing on Family Day

West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area

We've wanted to take a trip out to go snowshoeing at West Bragg Creek for a long time but have never made the time to do it. We finally got it together and made it happen on Family Day. It was a very nice day out and we really enjoyed the scenery at the park.The terrain of the Snowshoe Hare Trail might have been a little more strenuous than the kids had imagined prior to arriving, but we all made it around and felt great afterwards! Pepper particularly loved it and ran circles around us all … Continue Reading ››

Special Delivery

The Piano

A Big Package from Ottawa

We had a welcome visitor on Friday that might have had some of our neighbors wondering what was going on... A full sized moving van arrived to bring delivery of a new piano! Well new to our home anyway. It's actually the piano that Louise learned to play on and we had it shipped to Calgary all the way from her mom's home in Ottawa. It is a very nice piano that is in beautiful condition.The kids are very happy to have such a nice instrument in the house and they have been excited to play … Continue Reading ››