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Chinook Sunset

I was in my own little world while driving home the other day and hadn't noticed the sky until I stopped at the mailbox. When I stepped out of the truck and looked up I just said, "Wow!" When I got back into the truck Melanie said to me, "Daddy, it's beautiful outside!". It's the first time I can remember that she noticed the beauty of something without being prompted...We get Chinook's here all the time, and they always bring beautiful colors and neat patterns in the sky, but this was something extra special!As soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and went outside to take … Continue Reading ››


Last Sunday was a busy one for Melanie... She started swimming lessons and she got her first pair of skates! Although she didn't really want "boy's skates", she was pretty happy with them once she had them on. She fell lots at first,but quickly got the hang of it. I forgot to take my camera on the weekend, but I had it with me tonight when we had another go at it.