Andrew and his Bike

Andrew was outside playing while Melanie was selling cookies in the neighborhood. It was a little bit snowy and icy, but Andrew didn't care and he wanted to ride his bike while the rest of us walked. He's getting very good at riding, which probably means that he can finally reach the peddles! He's really grown lately and those of you that haven't seen him lately might be surprised by how much bigger he is and how much more he's talking. I can even understand him most of the time and Melanie doesn't have to translate nearly as often as she used to!

Tricks and Treats on Halloween Night

Melanie and Andrew were both very excited to get the show on the road on Halloween night. Andrew very happily wore his cozy elephant costume and Melanie bundled up in layers under her Fairy Princess outfit. She even got to wear several layers of her mothers makeup to make her look beautiful! She was very proud of herself! They both went out Trick or Treating with the neighborhood kids and brought home huge hauls of candy and treats.Andrew came home a little earlier than Melanie, but he still managed to bring home far more candy than he will ever eat in a year. … Continue Reading ››