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Back in action…

Big Sister, Baby BrotherIt's been pretty quiet around here lately, but not for lack of photos! I've got a massive backlog to go through, mainly due to computer troubles. I do most of my photo management and editing on a laptop, but it has been getting more and more flaky over the last month or so and finally died completely last weekend. Fortunately I had been doing lots of research to find a replacement and so I knew what I was going to buy. I finally have it set up with all my files, … Continue Reading ››

How to Navigate this Site

I'm not sure why, but we've had a lot of traffic on the site in the last few days. As a result I've had some feedback that not everyone is finding the new site format as easy to navigate as the old one was (but it sure is a lot easier to maintain!!), so I thought I would provide a few quick tips to help you out:


1. Click on the Pictures

This will allow you to view them bigger and/or to see more related pictures. The pics with black borders will take you to my Flickr site (these are generally my personal favorites and/or some … Continue Reading ››