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Melanie’s 13th Birthday Party

Here are just a few pictures from Melanie's 13th birthday party last month. She had a few of her friends over for a party and a sleepover. We made homemade pizza and ate lots of other fun food. They also watched movies, danced and had plenty of fun. Most of these photos are from the photobooth we setup for them in the studio...

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Andrew’s Third Birthday Party

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday to help us celebrate Andrew's Third Birthday (coming up on April 27th). It was a small party but we also had Grandma and Opa Knobel staying with us. Andrew decided a long time ago that he wanted a Spiderman party which of course required a Spiderman Cake, which Louise made herself. The cake required liberal application of some very colorful icing (and matching language). It was a great cake but Andrew never really understood that it was a representation of Spiderman. Oh well, much fun was had by all!