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Playing at Southland Dog Park

We had a beautiful winter day and so we bundled up and went for a walk at Southland Dog Park. Pepper had a blast playing with the other pooches at the park. She was wet and slobbery when we got home and slept for the rest of the day...

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Pepper and Zoe

We have some special visitors for Thanksgiving weekend (Louise's mother and sister, and little Zoe!) and Pepper is getting a lot more attention than normal. Actually she's giving a lot more attention too since Zoe spends a lot of time at her level. It's fun to watch the two of them together; they both appear to be the same mental age and they're on the same wavelength for many things. Particularly the toys. They love to chew on the same toys! Pepper is a little more destructive but she has been pretty gentle with Zoe. It's awfully cute to watch.