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Old Pics – Walking at Southland Dog Park

I need to clear up some HDD space so I'm going through some of my old photos that I've never done anything with... These images are from last fall. We went for a walk at the dog park with one of Louise's co-workers so that we could meet his dog. Melanie was on cloud 9 the whole time and had a blast walking the dog. I'm not ready for fall yet, but this is a nice memory!

The Best of Friends

Ferg, The Ferg, Bud, Buddy. Fergus McDuff. Fergus.Good natured, extremely quirky, and always fun to have around. He was a huge part of our family. Melanie grew up with him and he looked after her. Andrew loved him too and I'm sad that they barely got to know each other. He was one of the best friends I've ever had and saying goodbye was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do.I know you're in a better place now Ferg. I hope you have all the treats you ever want, and that … Continue Reading ››

Melanie’s Bike

This one comes from the "Dreaming of Happier Times" file.  After a long spell of beautiful spring weather, the reality of life in Calgary came crashing back home when it started snowing yesterday morning, and really hasn't stopped since!So here's an album from last week when we went to the dog park.  Fergus got a good romp and Melanie really enjoyed her bike ride.  Melanie is sporting her brand new helmet in these pictures.  It took some very fast talking to convince her that we should get the black helmet with flames on the side (because they make her look fast!) instead of the pink one.  Of course the real … Continue Reading ››


We went to go for a walk at the dog park but realized that something was up as we drove by Carburn Park, so we pulled in there instead. It turned out that MEC was sponsoring Paddlefest and they had all kinds of boats (canoes and kayaks) set up for people to try out and get some lessons.It looked like it might be interesting so we changed our plans and went for a walk around the lake at Carburn Park instead of going to the dog park, mostly just to check it out and see what was going on...We had a very nice walk around the lake … Continue Reading ››