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Visiting Great-Grandma

On a recent trip to Kelowna we made a couple of visits with Great-Grandma Phillips at the Hospital. For a variety of reasons she has spent a lot of time at the hospital over the last couple of years. This time it was because of her longstanding lung issues (take your choice of pneumonia, pleurisy, COPD, and probably several others). I'm always a bit sad to see her because she really is showing her age these days, but we had a couple of really nice visits and she actually looked very good while we were there. She has since recovered and is now back at her … Continue Reading ››

Carol Visits

Carol (one of my best friends from my UBC days) came to Calgary for a visit. It was a short and hectic visit because they were actually here for her brother's wedding, while we were on our way out of town. They arrived on Wednesday and we left early Friday morning for Ontario to go to a different wedding and for some vacation time at the cottage. Carol and her immediate family stayed on at our house over the weekend after we left. It worked out really well for us as Carol even dropped us off at the airport, and then when they left they left our van … Continue Reading ››

Andrew with Grandma & Opa

Grandma and Opa came to visit at the Hospital and got some snuggle time with Andrew.Later in the evening Andrew was weighed (as they do every night) and we discovered that he'd put on 115 grams since last night. What a porker!So obviously he's eating well, which is great news! We got some more good news today too... Andrew's last dose of antibiotics is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow night (Friday) at 6:00 PM. They plan to have all the discharge paperwork done in advance of that and we will be able to take him home ASAP afterwards.Melanie has been having a great time with Grandma and Opa … Continue Reading ››