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2009 Cottage Vacation

It's been awhile since I updated this blog (again), but I'm not as far behind as it might seem. I've been editing photo's like crazy over the last month and I've actually even been uploading them to the galleries on this site as I go through them. Some of you have even found them and commented about it! But I realize that posting them to the blog makes them much easier to view, so I will be making a new post for each album as well. The commentary will be light, so the images will have to speak for themselves! I will be starting with about 8 … Continue Reading ››

Late Summer Vacation

We were fortunate to be able to take a summer vacation in late August this year and we took the opportunity to take a drive through Western Canada to see my sister Heidi and her family in 100 Mile House, BC. Yes, it's actually called that, and it was named because it was located 100 Miles from Lillooet, BC, which was Mile 0 of the Cariboo Wagon Road.  That's even funnier since Lillooet is at least 100 Miles from Nowhere!!! It was a pretty relaxing trip and Melanie and Andrew got to hang out with their cousin Hannah and her brand new baby … Continue Reading ››

Skiing with Grandpa

We went to visit my parents in Kelowna for a few days while we were both off.  They actyally live in Winfield, but they mean the same thing to me, and we generally use the words interchangeably.  However we learned from Melanie they are very different...  Winfield is in the "middle of nowhere" because there aren't any sidewalks! While there we took advantage of the opportunity to go skiing at Big White.  Although it was a beautiful day on the ski hill, it was still quite a shocking change compared to relaxing on the beaches of Jamaica only a few days before... The skiing was great and Melanie even got to go … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 2

Our second day in Jamaica (really our first full day) was much more relaxing than the first, yet still busy...  We started the day with a slow breakfast at the poolside restaurant.  When we were finished we mosied down the beach to check out the nursery, the kid's camp, and the dive shop.  They were all at the same end of the beach, so it only made sense to check them all out at the same time. We hadn't really intend to leave the kids at camp, but we discovered that we had to do a "check out dive" in the pool before we could go Scuba diving, and that there … Continue Reading ››