Louise and Sean at Lake Louise

This will be the last skiing video for awhile, I promise. In fact I wasn't even going to do another one this time, but it was such a beautiful day and I really don't have any video of Louise or I skiing, so I changed my mind. It was a perfect day for skiing and we had lots of fun even though there hadn't been any new snow in awhile. We're not "Big White Whiners" though so we had a blast anyway!

Andrew goes skiing at Nakiska

We took Andrew to Nakiska for his first day of skiing. They don't make skis or boots small enough for him, so we just shoved his feet into Melanie's old boots and stood him up on her old skis. He loved it! He never fell and he just wanted to go faster. I wonder where he gets that from?Throughout the day we spent more time resting, playing, and snacking than skiing, but it was a great time anyway...

Eddy the Eagle

So this isn't actually directly family related, but it was a lot of fun to make and I like it, so I thought I would share it here anyway...I made this after a skiing trip to Lake Louise with my buddy Eddy on Friday. Eddy's a great skier and we have a great time bombing all over the mountain together. It was an amazing day of blue skies, warm weather, and there was still some fresh powder to be found (if you know where to look)!This video honestly doesn't do a great job of … Continue Reading ››

Winter Fun at the Park

We too the kids skating and sledding at the outdoor rink at the Riverbend Community Center. It has been very cold lately so the rink is in pretty good shape. We actually got to use the full hockey rink (rather than the much smaller skating are outside the main ring) because nobody was there yet playing hockey. We don't actually have any skates small enough to fit Andrew yet, so he was "skating" with his boots on. He ran and fell and ran and ran and fell and had a great time! We had the sleds in the van too so we took a few … Continue Reading ››