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Family Day Long Weekend at Lake Louise

For the last several years we’ve been taking a ski vacation around the family day long weekend, usually with one or two other families that we ski with regularly. Due to the Canadian dollar tanking we definitely planned to stay in Canada, and because we have a Family Season’s Pass at Lake Louise this year it was a pretty easy decision to take advantage of that. So this we year we booked a hotel right in Lake Louise village and invited some friends to join us there!

Eddy the Eagle

So this isn't actually directly family related, but it was a lot of fun to make and I like it, so I thought I would share it here anyway... I made this after a skiing trip to Lake Louise with my buddy Eddy on Friday. Eddy's a great skier and we have a great time bombing all over the mountain together. It was an amazing day of blue skies, warm weather, and there was still some fresh powder to be found (if you know where to look)! This video honestly doesn't do a great job of … Continue Reading ››

Skiing with Grandpa

We went to visit my parents in Kelowna for a few days while we were both off.  They actyally live in Winfield, but they mean the same thing to me, and we generally use the words interchangeably.  However we learned from Melanie they are very different...  Winfield is in the "middle of nowhere" because there aren't any sidewalks! While there we took advantage of the opportunity to go skiing at Big White.  Although it was a beautiful day on the ski hill, it was still quite a shocking change compared to relaxing on the beaches of Jamaica only a few days before... The skiing was great and Melanie even got to go … Continue Reading ››