Prince’s Island Park with Sophie

Rob, Cyndi, and Sophie came for a visit recently (OK, not so recently, but I'm trying to catch up on my backlog so don't hate me!). One of several outings we did together was to go hang out at the playground at Prince's Island Park. We played on the playground, played soccer, and had lots of fun. It was a really great visit and our kids talk about Sophie all the time!

Camping at Ware Creek

We went camping at the Ware Creek Campground with the Millers and the Bridgmans. Ware Creek is a private campground owned by Esso and operated by the Ware Creek Tent and Trailer Club. It's a really great facility and it made for a perfect place to go camping with a group of friends. The first day was great, but we basically got rained out the second day. We made the most of it and had lots of fun anyway.All of the images from the slideshow above are included below in case you … Continue Reading ››