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Family Portraits at Carburn Park

It was so beautiful at Carburn Park the other day that we decided to go out today to make some family portraits. I bribed the kids with breakfast at Ikea afterwards if they would help me out to make some great images. They did a pretty good job, so we went straight to Ikea after the session! The colors in the park are absolutely incredible right now and I'm really glad we got out to enjoy it!

Camping at Glacier National Park

We took a family vacation to Glacier National Park in Montana last weekend. The park is incredibly beautiful and we had some really stunning views and some nice hikes. It's a really windy place though and we would have enjoyed a little bit nicer weather. The kids had great fun and it was really nice to get away!I had lots of fun doing some landscape and nature photography. It's been a long time since I've taken the time to do it and it felt really good. I was actually pretty rusty though … Continue Reading ››