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3rd Annual Trail Ride at Anchor D Ranch

We went for our 3rd annual trail ride with friends at the Anchor D Ranch near Black Diamond to the south of Calgary today. Although we saw some very similar territory as we travelled on previous rides the guides managed to find an all new trail for us. It was as beautiful as ever and everyone came away happy. Every time we’ve done this we’ve gone away agreeing that it was pretty great and we should do it again next year!

Moonset at Sunrise

One day way back in the spring I took the kids for an early morning drive to watch the setting of the moon at sunrise. I often have bad luck when setting out for this kind of a trip but on this day we were treated to a glorious pink sunrise. We also found a beautiful field of horses that added a little bit more interest to the show. The kids had a great time meeting the horses...

Family Morning

Although there really is no such thing as sleeping in when the family all converges on my parents house, sometimes we take our time about getting up and going. This was one of those days and it was pretty relaxing morning with lots of family around. The kids played a lot and Andrew hammed it up for everyone. Once we did get going we took another walk down the road to see the horses. Andrew was still excited about the previous visit and he practically ran to the door to get his shoes on when he heard that we were going to see them again![gallery link="file" … Continue Reading ››