Jasper Vacation – Day 2

Jaques Lake Trail

Here are a few more images from our trip to Jasper. These are from the second day of the trip. We did a very nice hike along the Jaques Lake Trail up to Summit Lake. This was a much longer hike than we did on the first day but it was a very gradual climb with no major hills scale. It was a hot and sunny day and a very nice trip. We saw plenty of bear scat along the trail and some footprints in the mud that could only have been a very large cougar. No live animals though…

After the hike we went back to camp and spent some time playing in the icy cold water in the river. There was a nice back-channel near our campsite that allowed us to play in the water without being swept away by the raging waters of the main channel. Pepper in particular had lots of fun charging through the water and splashing and spraying everybody. The cold water felt great on hot and tired feet!