Cascade Mountain in Banff National Park

Boys Weekend in Banff II

Boys Weekend

The girls had their annual Girl Guides camping trip to Banff and Andrew and I didn’t want get left out of the fun so we went camping too. We originally had a site booked at Two Jack Lake, but unfortunately the reservation was cancelled due to the late winter and lack of time for maintenance to get the campground ready.

We were able to move our reservation to Tunnel Mountain instead, and Parks Canada through in some passes for both the Upper Banff Hotsprings and for Cave and Basin National Historic Site. We took advantage of both and also did plenty of wandering around looking for animals and beautiful scenery to photograph. That included trips around the Minnewanka Loop, out to Moraine Lake, and along the old Highway 1A between Banff and Lake Louise.

We saw a couple of nice sunsets, dozens of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and hundreds of Elk. There were also lots of deer and little critters (squirrels, chimpunks, and columbian ground squirrels) to be found. We were hoping to see some bears but got completely skunked in that department…

It was a great weekend and we will probably keep doing it every year if the girls keep taking off without us!

Hiking at West Bragg Creek Recreation Area

Hiking at West Bragg Creek

Hiking the Braggin Rights Trail

Mothers day hike along the Braggin Rights trail in West Bragg Creek. It was a beautiful day but we were quite surprised by how much snow was still on the trail. It was pretty wet and tough slogging in some places, but we managed to do the 9.3 km loop in about 3 hours.

We only had one “incident” on the trail when Andrew got whacked in the head by a sharp piece of my camera equipment. We had to scramble to find some kleenex to clean it up and then he walked with an ice pack on his head much of the way back. Fortunately there was plenty of snow on the ground to use for that.

May the Fourth be With You

Melanie learned the Star Wars theme song for her piano recital this year. Here’s just a taste of it to enjoy on May 4th!

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