Disneyland 2014 - Phillips Family 50th Anniversary

Disneyland 2014 – Phillips Family 50th Anniversary

This is a slideshow of images that I put together after a recent Phillips family vacation to Disneyland in California. We were all there together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sean’s parents, Bill and Donna Phillips.

It was an amazing holiday and one that none of us will forget anytime soon. The slideshow is a compilation of images from the whole family and shows some of the highlights of the trip. There were so many great moments that it was hard to capture it all in just a few images. Enjoy!

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

Arctic Air Mass

We had a family weekend in Canmore and had intended to go skiing. It was far too cold (-29 °C) in the morning and we decided not to go. So we went for a hike instead!

The Heart Creek Trail (at Lac des Arcs near Canmore) is always beautiful and it’s easy enough to do all year round. Because of the flooding last summer the trail itself is dramatically different now than it was the last time we were there, but the majestic views and vertical rock walls are still the same and it was worth the trip.

It never got warmer than -24 °C so it was still rather chilly. Melanie in particular did not love the weather conditions and needed some help getting her mittens and boots warmed up a few times. At least we weren’t creating our own wind chill as we would have if we had gone skiing!

Snowshoeing at West Bragg Creek on Family Day

Snowshoeing on Family Day

West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area

We’ve wanted to take a trip out to go snowshoeing at West Bragg Creek for a long time but have never made the time to do it. We finally got it together and made it happen on Family Day. It was a very nice day out and we really enjoyed the scenery at the park.

The terrain of the Snowshoe Hare Trail might have been a little more strenuous than the kids had imagined prior to arriving, but we all made it around and felt great afterwards! Pepper particularly loved it and ran circles around us all the way around the trail.

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