I have been wanting to capture the mountains in their full morning glory for quite awhile, but my timing has either been off when I go into the mountains or I am too far away to do them justice. I went skiing last weekend and happened to arrive at the Eastern edge of the mountain parks at just the right time.I pulled over and quickly took these pictures. I wanted a few more with a different perspective and so I was changing lenses when it was suddenly all over as if someone had flipped a switch.The vistas were beautiful in the afternoon too, so I stopped a couple … Continue Reading ››

Skating at the Olympic Plaza

We went skating at the Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary yesterday. Melanie fell and cut her lip on the boards which caused some sadness, but she had fun anyway.The plaza is a free, public, outdoor skating rink with it's own cleaning staff and Zamboni. Pretty odd for Calgary where user pay is the norm...I've heard that the plaza sits on the former location of a curling rink and so I assume that the curling rings painted on the rink are a tribute to that?