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Fall Portraits at Carburn Park

Carburn Park after the Flood

We took the dog for a walk at Carburn Park to enjoy the fall colors. The park is still not entirely back to normal since the flooding, but we still found some beautiful spots and had a great walk. I'm guessing that by next summer it will be very hard to tell that the whole park was fully underwater this year... Here are a few pictures of the kids I made while we were there. It's still a beautiful place to do photography!

Centrepoint Spray Park

A few images from a trip to Centrepoint Spray Park in Ottawa. It was a hot day and the kids (Melanie, Andrew, and Cousin Sophie) all needed to get out of the house to blow off some energy. Ottawa has a number of great spreay parks and there's one that's not too far from Grandma's house. We've been there several times during this trip as it's a great way to cool down and have some fun...