Hiking at Chester Lake

Another family hiking trip, this time to Chester Lake in Kananaskis. We did an approximately 10 km round trip, including 320m of elevation gain. Andrew walked all the way up to the lake, but got a ride (and a nap) in the backpack for part of the way back down. It was a beautiful hike and the highlight of the trip was that there were loads of fresh wild strawberries beside the trail! It took us much longer to go back down the trail than it normally would have!

Agnew Reunion & Birthday Party

During our recent summer vacation we went to Ottawa for a week. Although we spent most of the week at Louise's family cottage, we also spent a day with the extended Agnew family for a party. Louise's Uncle Michael invited everybody to celebrate his birthday! I haven't processed all of the images from the week, but I have taken some time to put together the following slideshow from the party. More vacation images will follow soon!Here are a few of the best images that made it into the video: