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Hiking in Waterton Lakes National Park

Lower Bertha Falls Trail

We went for a short hike from the Waterton Townsite up to Lower Bertha falls. It was a steady incline up for the first half of the hike up to a scenic lookout that offered great views of Waterton Lake in both directions. After that it was a relatively easy grade up to the falls. Although black bears were reported in the area we didn't seem any and we had a great hike up to the falls. We stopped for a picnic lunch and some photo opps at the falls and then we made our way back to … Continue Reading ››

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore

We went for a nice walk along the Heart Creek Trail on Thanksgiving weekend. Louise's mom and Sister were in town (with little Baby Zoe) and we all needed to get out of the house. A trip out to the mountains was definitely in order. It is a very pretty hike and it was a beautiful fall day!

Hiking at Grassi Lakes near Canmore

The forecast was for rain all day at home, so we checked the weather in the mountains and found out that it was going to be somewhat nicer even as close as Canmore, so we all piled into the van and headed out. We went to Canmore and did the Grassi Lakes hike, which is very easy. It was beautiful and it was a great start to our summer hiking season!

Hiking at Chester Lake

Another family hiking trip, this time to Chester Lake in Kananaskis. We did an approximately 10 km round trip, including 320m of elevation gain. Andrew walked all the way up to the lake, but got a ride (and a nap) in the backpack for part of the way back down. It was a beautiful hike and the highlight of the trip was that there were loads of fresh wild strawberries beside the trail! It took us much longer to go back down the trail than it normally would have!