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Simply Sunday: Pepper

Fall Portraits with Pepper at Carburn Park


Those of you that follow me on Facebook will likely know by now that my family has recently grown by 1. World, meet our new dog Pepper! She's a 12 week old lab/retriever/border collie cross, and she is pretty darn cute. I'm sure you will see more of her here (and on Facebook) over the coming weeks and months. It's been awhile since I've had my own pet portrait model to practice with...

Fall Portraits

We took Pepper to Carburn Park in calgary for a walk today … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Handsome Pants

Simply Sunday: Handsome Pants
Handsome Pants Portraits

When your children want to dress up, let them dress up!

We were getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends yesterday and Andrew decided he wanted to wear his "Handsome Clothes". He's been wearing his "Handsome Pants" (the suit pants that he wore to a wedding last Christmas) pretty regularly for over a year, and he just recently added a nice new shirt and tie to the collection. It really wasn't a particularly fancy dinner, but he wanted to wear his good clothes so we just went with it. And … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Melanie’s Birthday

Melanie's Eighth Birthday

I really can't believe it but my little girl turned 8 yesterday. She's growing up so fast! We spent most of the day yesterday preparing for her party which was her first sleepover party. We had 7 eight year old girls here for dinner, partying, and a sleepover. They made their own pizzas, painted nails, played games, had a Wii Dance Party, and of course we did a photobooth as well. Everyone had a great time and they even got some sleep last night. We topped it all off with pancakes with whipped cream for breakfast. … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Family Portrait

Annual Phillips-Knobel Family Portrait We took a trip out on to the prairies east of Calgary today to create our own family portrait for this years Christmas Card. I didn't have a firm idea in mind other than I wanted to do something on the prairie, maybe making use of a big bale of hay, an old barn, or a grain bin. Something like that anyway. So we drove around to see what we could find. It was a fun time and although the kids were pretty goofy we managed to get a few useable portraits. It's much … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Fall

Fall Portraits at Prince's Island Park It was a beautiful day in Calgary and we decided to go for a walk at Prince's Island Park. I was hoping to make a nice portrait of the kids while we were there, but I was not expecting the early onset of fall colors and even the fallen leaves on the ground. I took advantage of it and had the kids pose nicely. I also made a few of their visiting grandparents too. It seems that we're going to have an early (and short) autumn season this year. It … Continue Reading ››