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2009 Cottage Vacation

It's been awhile since I updated this blog (again), but I'm not as far behind as it might seem. I've been editing photo's like crazy over the last month and I've actually even been uploading them to the galleries on this site as I go through them. Some of you have even found them and commented about it! But I realize that posting them to the blog makes them much easier to view, so I will be making a new post for each album as well. The commentary will be light, so the images will have to speak for themselves! I will be starting with about 8 … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Heading Home

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise on our final day in Jamaica and I got to enjoy it by walking down the beach with Andrew in the Stroller. Again. It was actually very nice, although short-lived since we had to board the bus for the airport at 10:00 AM. We just had time to pack up, have breakfast, and go for a quick swim before getting on the bus. We were all very sad to go... The trip home was a bit of a circus due to a baggage handler strike at the airport in Montego Bay which delayed our flight home. Sadly that meant … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 7

Our last day of diving was very nice. In fact the early dive was one of the best dives we did all week. After Louise had aborted a previous dive she had spent some time on the boat talking with Damian (one of the divemasters) about his favorite dives... She was even able to convince him to take us to one of his favorite dive sites. It was called the Throne Room, named after a large crack in the reef that opened into a small cavern below. There was plenty of room to enter the cavern through the crack, and then leave through the wall on … Continue Reading ››

Blast from the Past

We were trying to remember when we went on our first dive vacation and discovered that it was exactly 9 years prior (to the week) to our recent trip to Jamaica. That trip was to the Bird Rock Beach hotel in St. Kitts to visit my brother Ian. He was running the diving operations at the hotel and we managed to mooch off him for a week of free diving. We also charged all of our food and drinks to his room so that we could get his staff discount. It was an amazing week of diving and we had a great time. I … Continue Reading ››