Hiking in Waterton Lakes National Park

Lower Bertha Falls Trail

We went for a short hike from the Waterton Townsite up to Lower Bertha falls. It was a steady incline up for the first half of the hike up to a scenic lookout that offered great views of Waterton Lake in both directions. After that it was a relatively easy grade up to the falls. Although black bears were reported in the area we didn’t seem any and we had a great hike up to the falls. We stopped for a picnic lunch and some photo opps at the falls and then we made our way back to town to hunt for snacks and beverages…

We actually ended up in a semi-private room in the restaurant at the Prince of Wales Hotel. They had a really nice room in the back of the restaurant with comfortable armchairs and a couch. And they brought us beer and snacks. It was a great way to finish up a hike in the mountains!