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Vacation in Jamaica — Day 6

The highlight of this day was definitely in the water. For me at least. This story actually started on day 5, but I forgot to write about it... Louise had been having trouble clearing her ears over the previous few dives and even had to abort the first dive on Day 4. Although that was sad, she was lucky enough to see a small pod of dolphins while on the boat (2 adults and a baby). She almost had to abort again on Day 4, but after a couple of attempts (and some good advice from one of the divemasters) she finally made it down! We … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 4

I'm sorry these are taking so long to get out, but I've been crazy busy lately and the photos are taking longer to go through than I expected. And I'm finding more keepers than I expected too (which is a good thing, but makes it more time consuming to process!). Anyway, I'll try to get this trip wrapped up in the next couple of days. So day 4 was a very typical day for us in Jamaica. We got up and went for breakfast. we dropped the kids off at kids camp and went scuba diving (two dives today). When we got off the boat … Continue Reading ››

Blast from the Past

We were trying to remember when we went on our first dive vacation and discovered that it was exactly 9 years prior (to the week) to our recent trip to Jamaica. That trip was to the Bird Rock Beach hotel in St. Kitts to visit my brother Ian. He was running the diving operations at the hotel and we managed to mooch off him for a week of free diving. We also charged all of our food and drinks to his room so that we could get his staff discount. It was an amazing week of diving and we had a great time. I … Continue Reading ››

Andrew’s first trip to Kelowna

We went to Kelowna last week to visit Grandma & Grandpa Phillips' house. Although we had planned to go soon anyway, the timing was set because my brother Ian was visiting from Germany... It was a really great trip and Andrew got to meet his Grandparents, Great Grandma Phillips, Uncle Ian, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Ken, and cousin Hannah. This was actually the first time Melanie had met her Uncle Ian as well, so got to cover off many birds with one stone! There will be a few more albums from this trip posted over the next few days. Between traveling and an intermittent freezing problem with my laptop, things … Continue Reading ››

Pelican on the Bow River

We had our first Pelican sighting of the year today. These American White Pelicans arrive in Calgary in late April, hang out on the Bow River all summer, and then take off to Florida before it gets too cold... Sounds like a good plan to me! It was a pretty ugly day today with plenty of snow and rain, but we both had the day off and took advantage of it anyway. We went for a really nice walk along the river and saw plenty of birds including ducks, geese, and a Hawk soaring high above.