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Vacation in Jamaica — Day 4

I'm sorry these are taking so long to get out, but I've been crazy busy lately and the photos are taking longer to go through than I expected. And I'm finding more keepers than I expected too (which is a good thing, but makes it more time consuming to process!). Anyway, I'll try to get this trip wrapped up in the next couple of days. So day 4 was a very typical day for us in Jamaica. We got up and went for breakfast. we dropped the kids off at kids camp and went scuba diving (two dives today). When we got off the boat … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 2

Our second day in Jamaica (really our first full day) was much more relaxing than the first, yet still busy...  We started the day with a slow breakfast at the poolside restaurant.  When we were finished we mosied down the beach to check out the nursery, the kid's camp, and the dive shop.  They were all at the same end of the beach, so it only made sense to check them all out at the same time. We hadn't really intend to leave the kids at camp, but we discovered that we had to do a "check out dive" in the pool before we could go Scuba diving, and that there … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 1

The first day of our vacation was very long... We left home around 10 PM on the Sunday night to catch an 11:30 PM flight to Toronto. A 4 hour flight led to a 3 hour layover before another 4 hour flight. Just when you think you are almost there, you realize that the line-up for immigration and customs snakes for what seems like miles through the airport. Ouch. But somehow we were told to ignore that line and to go stand in the much shorter lineup for locals only! I'm guessing the normal line would have taken at least an hour, while ours … Continue Reading ››


I stopped to take some pictures of a very beautiful sunrise on my way to work this morning, and then this evening a Chinook blew through so I went out to shoot the Calgary skyline at sunset! I've been wanting to get both of these shots for quite awhile but the timing is difficult. The days are so short here in winter and then so long in the summer that it seems like I'm never in the right place at the right time. Everything just fell into place today though...

Chinook Sunset

I was in my own little world while driving home the other day and hadn't noticed the sky until I stopped at the mailbox. When I stepped out of the truck and looked up I just said, "Wow!" When I got back into the truck Melanie said to me, "Daddy, it's beautiful outside!". It's the first time I can remember that she noticed the beauty of something without being prompted... We get Chinook's here all the time, and they always bring beautiful colors and neat patterns in the sky, but this was something extra special! As soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and went outside to take … Continue Reading ››