Bike Ride

With the warmer weather Melanie wants to ride her bike all the time. We got this creaky old tricycle at a garage sale a couple years ago and she can finally reach the pedals!She keeps saying, "I have to practice so I can go ride with my friends!" Her friends from down the street are all older with "big kid bikes", and so she is much slower. She gets better every time she rides though!

Melanie’s Playground

Our neighbours offered to sell us their climbing structure and we jumped at the chance. Melanie had played on it at their house before and loved it, so we knew it would be a hit. She was so excited to have it and she went crazy all morning. This was actually a really big play weekend for her as she got to play with the neighborhood kids a lot. At one point today we had about 10 of them in our backyard.Fergus had fun too and they were playing tag with him and throwing balls for him!

Calgary Zoo

It was a typical Saturday morning and we decided to go to the zoo with Rich and Patti (and Kieran and Brenna). We had a nice stroll and the kids had lots of fun running and playing. We spent a long time at the gorilla exhibit (since they were outside for the first time in a long time), went on an adventure to find the tigers, and we went for an early lunch around 11:30 as it started to get busy.