Zoo Photography 101

For my birthday Louise signed me up for a photography course at the Calgary Zoo. It was one session in the classroom, followed by a morning at the Zoo. I’m not sure I learned all that much, but I had lots of fun at the zoo and I have to present some photo’s at a critique session later this week. Hopefully I will get some valuable feedback from the instructor, and I should be able to pick up some good stuff from the feedback for the other students too.

It was quite a thing to be in a group of 15 people heavily loaded with cameras, lenses, tripods, and lots of other photo gear. The highlight of the day was feeding time at the wolf pen. I got some great pics of the alpha male defending his “catch”…

I have uploaded the photo’s I plan to present at the critique session. Feel free to stop by and drop in your own comments! I may add a few more later (there are over 400 to choose from), but these are definitely among the best I took!