Simply Sunday: Soccer Picture Day

Simply Sunday - WRC Soccer Picture DayToday was picture day for my daughter Melanie's U8 Soccer Team. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the photographer for the league again this year. We were ahead of schedule and after Melanie's team was finished Melanie and Andrew were just hanging out and I was able to create a few cute images of them together.On a related note, Andrew's soccer picture day was yesterday, but he refused to have his picture taken. He plays U4 in a different league and sadly for Andrew, … Continue Reading ››

Paul’s Tomb Hiking Trail at Knox Mountain

While visiting Kelowna we decided to get off our butts and go for a hike. Normally we would just go up to the park near my parents house, but this time we did something a little different and went to Knox Mountain Regional Park. Knox is a popular tourist destination close to downtown Kelowna and their are plenty of beautiful walks and hikes.The trail we hiked follows the shore of Lake Okanagan for several Kilometers (we only did a small portion of that) and features beautiful views of the lake, plenty of wildflowers, and lots of birds.It was our first "hike" of the season and it came with plenty of … Continue Reading ››

Columbian Ground Squirrel at Rogers Pass

We stopped at Rogers Pass for a break and came across a whole colony of Columbian Ground Squirrels that wanted to be our best friends. They were very cute, but it's a little sad that they are so habituated with humans that they are willing to walk right up to us. They would have eaten out of our hands if we'd had any food to offer them...

Simply Sunday: Lego

Simply Sunday - LegoWhen I was growing up one of my favorite things to do was play with Lego. And I had lots of it! Two massive industrial ice cream pails full of it. And I played with it all the time. My mother has managed to keep most of that Lego through all the years that I've been gone, even as the children of her friends and her older grandchildren have used it and loved it too.The first thing that happens now when we visit their house is that the Lego is found and … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Dirt Store

Simply Sunday - Dirt Store
Andrew and I had a great day working on the garden today. I built some garden boxes in my backyard last weekend and they needed to be filled with soil...We started off by going to the Truck Store (U-Haul) to rent a pickup truck. We've never owned a pickup so this was very exciting for Andrew! We then went to the Dirt Store (the BURNCO Landscape Centre) to get a load of garden soil. Another big excitement because, although we took our shovels with us to load the truck, the Big Digger filled the … Continue Reading ››