Paul’s Tomb Hiking Trail at Knox Mountain

While visiting Kelowna we decided to get off our butts and go for a hike. Normally we would just go up to the park near my parents house, but this time we did something a little different and went to Knox Mountain Regional Park. Knox is a popular tourist destination close to downtown Kelowna and their are plenty of beautiful walks and hikes.The trail we hiked follows the shore of Lake Okanagan for several Kilometers (we only did a small portion of that) and features beautiful views of the lake, plenty of wildflowers, and lots of birds.It was our first "hike" of the season and it came with plenty of … Continue Reading ››

Columbian Ground Squirrel at Rogers Pass

We stopped at Rogers Pass for a break and came across a whole colony of Columbian Ground Squirrels that wanted to be our best friends. They were very cute, but it's a little sad that they are so habituated with humans that they are willing to walk right up to us. They would have eaten out of our hands if we'd had any food to offer them...