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Simply Sunday: Lego

Simply Sunday - Lego When I was growing up one of my favorite things to do was play with Lego. And I had lots of it! Two massive industrial ice cream pails full of it. And I played with it all the time. My mother has managed to keep most of that Lego through all the years that I've been gone, even as the children of her friends and her older grandchildren have used it and loved it too. The first thing that happens now when we visit their house is that the Lego is found and … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Blue

Simply Sunday - Blue
Andrew had a birthday party and came home with a loot bag full of goodies. The thing he was most excited about was the ring pop, but he was almost as excited because there was a second one that he could share with his big sister! It was awfully cute that wanted to share it with her. In no time at all they both had bright blue tongues (and lips, and hands, etc...) and they were giggling like crazy. They had lots of fun … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Frank Lake

Frank Lake for the Spring Migration
My daughter Melanie was working on her Birding badge for Brownies so we all piled into the van and drove down to Frank Lake to see the early arrivals in the spring migration. Frank Lank is a naturalized wetland that was saved by Ducks Unlimited Canada and it is listed as an "Important Birding Area". It is home to many species of birds year round, and it is one of the … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Jump

Melanie on White
I was setting up my studio for Pawsitively Portraits (a recent pet portrait and charity fundraising event that I was a part of) and Melanie came along to help. Actually she just came along in hopes of being able to play with the dogs at the dog daycare where the event was held. She did get to do that, but she also helped me out a little … Continue Reading ››