Playing at Southland Dog Park

We had a beautiful winter day and so we bundled up and went for a walk at Southland Dog Park. Pepper had a blast playing with the other pooches at the park. She was wet and slobbery when we got home and slept for the rest of the day...

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Melanie’s Ninth Birthday

It's pretty hard to believe it, but Melanie turned 9 years old today. She's grown into such a big girl! We had a birthday party for her at Lloyd's Roller Rink on the weekend. A really great group of her friends came along and joined us for roller skating, hot dogs and chips, cupcakes, and lots of good times. It was lots of fun and Melanie really enjoyed the party. Thanks to everyone that came and to Louise for organizing it all!
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Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

We went for a winter hike along the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore with some friends. It was a pretty winter day and the hike was great. The hike is not long and we easily made it to the end of the trail at the top of the valley. Although there is a waterfall at the top, it is not accessible and we couldn't see it. It seems like it might be possible to get to it later in the winter if the whole creek freezes. We might have to go back after a major cold snap to have a better look...