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Ride the Rideau 2013 Slideshow

Louise and her brother Rob have been training all summer for Ride the Rideau, a 100 km bike ride to raise money for cancer care and treatment at the Ottawa Hospital. They did the ride in memory of their father John (who passed away July 13th, 2012) and together they raised over $4,000. The grand total for the ride was over $2,000,000 which is nothing short of amazing!If you would like to help out then you can still sponsor them using the following link:http://www.louiseandsean.com/ridetherideauHere are a few of my favorite images from the slideshow:

Ride the Rideau 2013

Training for A Knobel Cause - Ride the Rideau 2013Louise has been training all summer for Ride the Rideau, a 100 km bike ride to raise money for cancer care and treatment at the Ottawa Hospital. She and her brother Rob will be riding in memory of their father John who passed away July 13th, 2012. He received wonderful care at the Ottawa Hospital and this is their way of saying thanks.If you would like to help them reach their goal then you can sponsor then using the following link:http://www.louiseandsean.com/ridetherideau

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

We went for a winter hike along the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore with some friends. It was a pretty winter day and the hike was great. The hike is not long and we easily made it to the end of the trail at the top of the valley. Although there is a waterfall at the top, it is not accessible and we couldn't see it. It seems like it might be possible to get to it later in the winter if the whole creek freezes. We might have to go back after a major cold snap to have a better look...

Yellowstone Vacation — In the Woods

On our last morning in Yellowstone I finally got around to making some images in the woods near our campsite. There was a fallen tree right beside our campsite and the kids were constantly wanting to play on it. It seemed like the perfect place to make a family portrait. One of my favorite things to see in the park was the wide open space between the trees in the forests and the short, bright green grass growing between. Sadly my pictures really don't do it justice, so you'll have to take my word for how beautiful it was.After taking this picture we finished packing up … Continue Reading ››

Yellowstone Vacation — Junior Ranger

This post is not as long as the other ones about our trip to Yellowstone, but it is longer than most. Feel free to jump straight to the bottom to see the photos. But don’t forget to come back later to read the story!On our third full day in Yellowstone we again decided to get up early and hit the highway instead of cooking breakfast. We went back to the gas station to buy breakfast and then headed back down the road to Hayden Valley. The scenic landscape in the valley had been so beautiful the day before, and it was so exciting to see the … Continue Reading ››