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Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

We went for a winter hike along the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore with some friends. It was a pretty winter day and the hike was great. The hike is not long and we easily made it to the end of the trail at the top of the valley. Although there is a waterfall at the top, it is not accessible and we couldn't see it. It seems like it might be possible to get to it later in the winter if the whole creek freezes. We might have to go back after a major cold snap to have a better look...

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore

We went for a nice walk along the Heart Creek Trail on Thanksgiving weekend. Louise's mom and Sister were in town (with little Baby Zoe) and we all needed to get out of the house. A trip out to the mountains was definitely in order. It is a very pretty hike and it was a beautiful fall day!

Simply Sunday: Frank Lake

Frank Lake for the Spring Migration
My daughter Melanie was working on her Birding badge for Brownies so we all piled into the van and drove down to Frank Lake to see the early arrivals in the spring migration. Frank Lank is a naturalized wetland that was saved by Ducks Unlimited Canada and it is listed as an "Important Birding Area". It is home to many species of birds year round, and it is one of the … Continue Reading ››