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Frosty Grasses in Winter

Although winter has officially only just begun, we’ve had a lot of winter already in Calgary this year. Sometimes that can be annoying, but other times it can be simply beautiful. When the hoar frost settled down over the city at the end of December it was crazy beautiful. We went for a walk along the river pathway and into Sue Higgins park (Southland Dog Park) to enjoy the scenery. When we set out on the walk these long grasses were completely covered in thick frost, but the sun was beating down on them and the ice was quickly melting. I … Continue Reading ››

Hiking the Heart Creek Trail in Winter

We went for a winter hike along the Heart Creek Trail near Canmore with some friends. It was a pretty winter day and the hike was great. The hike is not long and we easily made it to the end of the trail at the top of the valley. Although there is a waterfall at the top, it is not accessible and we couldn't see it. It seems like it might be possible to get to it later in the winter if the whole creek freezes. We might have to go back after a major cold snap to have a better look...

Simply Sunday: Cushions

Building a Fort
Family time is important to use and we tend to do lots of things together as a family. Sometimes that means just hanging out around the house together on a lazy Sunday Morning. Melanie and Andrew love to build forts in the living room with the cushions from the couch. It usually ends up looking more like a big pile of cushions than a fort, but they still have lots of fun. Other times that means going for a long walk together at the park on a snow Sunday afternoon. Of course it's not always easy or … Continue Reading ››