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Hiking at West Bragg Creek

Hiking the Braggin Rights Trail

Mothers day hike along the Braggin Rights trail in West Bragg Creek. It was a beautiful day but we were quite surprised by how much snow was still on the trail. It was pretty wet and tough slogging in some places, but we managed to do the 9.3 km loop in about 3 hours. We only had one "incident" on the trail when Andrew got whacked in the head by a sharp piece of my camera equipment. We had to scramble to find some kleenex to clean it up and then he walked with an ice pack … Continue Reading ››

Hiking to Chester Lake in Kananskis

Scenery, Animals, and Wild Strawberries

We went out to the mountains for some "mountain therapy" (hiking at Chester Lake in Kananaskis). It rained most of the trip which made some of the familiy members a little less happy about the therapy they were getting than others, but it was still a beautiful trip and we got to enjoy some amazing vistas, plenty of animals, and a feast of wild strawberries on the trail. The highlight of the trip definitely was seeing a large bear eating berries on the side of the road. The bear was completely oblivious to the world around it and … Continue Reading ››

Jasper Vacation – Day 2

Jaques Lake Trail

Here are a few more images from our trip to Jasper. These are from the second day of the trip. We did a very nice hike along the Jaques Lake Trail up to Summit Lake. This was a much longer hike than we did on the first day but it was a very gradual climb with no major hills scale. It was a hot and sunny day and a very nice trip. We saw plenty of bear scat along the trail and some footprints in the mud that could only have been a very large cougar. No live animals … Continue Reading ››