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U6 Soccer

Melanie moved up a division in soccer this year, which means that she can play at home in Riverbend instead of having to travel to another community. And I don't have to coach! She plays 2 nights a week, which is a little bit hectic for us, but the team is very organized and they actually play positions. She's having lots of fun and gets to plat with (and against) several of her friends from school and the neighborhood. These pics are from here first game of the season. Andrew came along to the field and was showing off his new walking tricks...

Hiking at Sunshine Meadows

We went hiking at Sunshine Meadows with the Nott Family and Monica (and Kenneth). The day started off great as we came across a timber wolf on the road into the base of the mountain. He was out for a morning stroll and completely ignored us while we stopped to a take a few pictures… We met up with the rest of the gang at the base and boarded the first bus up to the day lodge. During the ski season there is a gondola running between the parking lot and the ski lodge, but in the summer you have to take an old school bus up a long, windy, and … Continue Reading ››