Camping at Waterton – Day 2

Waterton is an incredibly windy place and the wind howled all night the first night and most of the second day too. We didn’t let that get to us though and we went out and enjoyed the park anyway! We checked out downtown Waterton in the morning and had lunch at the lake shore with a nice view of the Prince of Wales hotel on the hill across the lake. Waterton is a cute little town (population 70 in the winter) with several nice hotels and inns.

The Prince of Wales is very old and castle-like, and since it was up on the hill you can see it for miles around. When the built the hotel they took advantage of the hilltop location and included a massive wall of windows in the lobby to show off the view of the local mountains.

We did a nice hike along the shore of Cameron Lake in the afternoon. The kids were all quite tired by then and we feared that we would be carrying them most of the way, but somehow they pulled up some extra strength and powered through it without complaining.

We went back to the campground for a nice dinner with s’mores for dessert. The wind even settled for us and we had a very pleasant evening!