The Rest of the Story

Andrew's arrival was quite exciting and because of the complications he was taken to the special care nursery for observation over the first night. This was really great because it allowed Louise and I both to get more rest than we would have had he been in her room, and it was already quite late. After all was said and done I didn't get home until about 2:30 AM. I got a couple of hours of sleep and went back to … Continue Reading ››

Andrew’s Birth Story

Friday started out as a fairly normal day... I went to work Louise had the day off so she and her parents took Melanie to check out the Farmers Market. After walking around for a couple of hours she was quite uncomfortable. This was not so surprising since her due date had come and gone the day before!As "uncomfortable" became more and more pronounced, she warned me that I might have to skip the APEGGA Summit Awards DinnerContinue Reading ››

Andrew Day 2

Andrew had a bunch of firsts today: first bath, first snuggle with big sister Melanie, first clothes, and his first sleep outside of an incubator! He turned the corner last night in the early evening and he's doing much better today! I know that doesn't mean much to many of you (other than the obvious incubator in many of the pictures!), but please be patient and I will fill in the details in an upcoming post!

Big Sister Melanie

Melanie came to the hospital today with Grandma and Opa to meet her Baby Brother. She was pretty happy to see Mom and Dad and very excited about her new brother. She even got to help nurse Sonya change his diaper!She says she's not really a big sister yet though since he's still at the hospital and because she hasn't done everything in her big sister book. I'm sure that will all happen soon though and we'll be able to make it official!