Hiking at Grassi Lakes near Canmore

The forecast was for rain all day at home, so we checked the weather in the mountains and found out that it was going to be somewhat nicer even as close as Canmore, so we all piled into the van and headed out. We went to Canmore and did the Grassi Lakes hike, which is very easy. It was beautiful and it was a great start to our summer hiking season!

Simply Sunday: Nose Hill Park

I borrowed a lens from Canon for the weekend because I wanted to test it out (* more about that at the end for those of you that care) and so I decided to make a stop at Nose Hill Park in Calgary today with the kids. I've been working some really crazy hours lately trying to get caught up on all of the projects I've got going and it was really nice to actually have some time to take a break!The weather was pretty perfect for photography. It was a little bit sunny and a … Continue Reading ››

Andrew’s U4 Soccer Game

I haven't been able to attend many of Andrew's U4 soccer games this year becuase I've been helping coach Melanie's U8 team at the same time every week. I finally had a chance to go with Andrew the other night. It started out with some rain and hail, so we had to pause in the truck for a few minutes. The hail cleared up and they did get to play for a little while before the rain returned. Andrew only had one shift but he managed to score a breakaway goal in that shift! He's one of the older kids on the team so once he gets the ball he … Continue Reading ››