Hiking at Grassi Lakes near Canmore

The forecast was for rain all day at home, so we checked the weather in the mountains and found out that it was going to be somewhat nicer even as close as Canmore, so we all piled into the van and headed out. We went to Canmore and did the Grassi Lakes hike, which is very easy. It was beautiful and it was a great start to our summer hiking season!

Andrew’s U4 Soccer Game

I haven't been able to attend many of Andrew's U4 soccer games this year becuase I've been helping coach Melanie's U8 team at the same time every week. I finally had a chance to go with Andrew the other night. It started out with some rain and hail, so we had to pause in the truck for a few minutes. The hail cleared up and they did get to play for a little while before the rain returned. Andrew only had one shift but he managed to score a breakaway goal in that shift! He's one of the older kids on the team so once he gets the ball he … Continue Reading ››

Huge Bucket of Lego

When I was growing up one of my favorite things to do was play with Lego. And I had lots of it! Two massive industrial ice cream pails full of it. And I played with it all the time. My mother has managed to keep most of that Lego through all the years that I’ve been gone, even as the children of her friends and her older grandchildren have used it and loved it too.The first thing that happens now when we visit their house is that the Lego is found and it quickly gets dumped out on the floor and spread all over the place. Andrew and Melanie have … Continue Reading ››