Simply Sunday: Easy Bake

Simply Sunday - Easy Bake
My daughter Melanie received an Easy Bake Oven as a gift several years ago, but up until now she's really been too young to use it. But when we're in the middle of a major snow day and looking for something to do we tend to look for things that haven't been used for a while (or ever in this case). So the Easy Bake Oven came out today! Melanie was able to read all the instructions and do almost all of the work herself. She was able to make a really nice batch of … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Cushions

Building a Fort
Family time is important to use and we tend to do lots of things together as a family. Sometimes that means just hanging out around the house together on a lazy Sunday Morning. Melanie and Andrew love to build forts in the living room with the cushions from the couch. It usually ends up looking more like a big pile of cushions than a fort, but they still have lots of fun. Other times that means going for a long walk together at the park on a snow Sunday afternoon. Of course it's not always easy or … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Jump

Melanie on White
I was setting up my studio for Pawsitively Portraits (a recent pet portrait and charity fundraising event that I was a part of) and Melanie came along to help. Actually she just came along in hopes of being able to play with the dogs at the dog daycare where the event was held. She did get to do that, but she also helped me out a little … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Calgary Zoo

Playing at the Calgary Zoo
We spend a lot of time at the Calgary Zoo. for the money it's one of the best family attractions around, and we all love to be there. Lately I've found myself spending a lot less time watching the animals and a whole lot more time looking for other interesting things. Of course my kids are pretty interesting themselves. It never ceases to amaze me that they can yell and scream and fight with each other, and then all of a sudden they'll be playing together like the best friends in the world. It's … Continue Reading ››

Simply Sunday: Chocolate Pudding

Simply Sunday: Chocolate Pudding
It was a very family day for us today... Swimming in the morning, Monopoly in the afternoon, Chocolate Pudding in the evening! I actually didn't plan to do a Simply Sunday post today, but when the pudding came out I just had to photograph it. Food Photography is kind of fun, and when I see interesting food I often find myself reaching for a camera. But even more than that, the Chocolate Pudding had a very crazy effect on my kids (go figure) and they both started to giggle and get crazy. … Continue Reading ››

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